Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More hearts headed out...the end of this year's.

These are the last of the hearts for the swap for this year. It's been a bit of a disappointment for me that I've only received the 3 in return, having sent out 20. Some of the hearts I should have received for June are with Linda, the hostess for this swap, and I've told her to keep them until December, and just send them all along together.

I've continued to dabble with the SRE on the first three hearts pictured. There was a good amount of ribbon left over from the kit, enough to do quite a few more little bouquets. That little cameo rose lace motif that I used on several of these hearts is from some lace that I bought many many years ago. I've seen it on other people's hearts and am wondering if it is still available to buy somewhere. I think I've got 5 of the little cameos left.

The blue heart with the plaid is very different for me. I don't usually use plaids for one thing, and I just used simple embroidery stitches and beads on the seams. The last heart, with the oriental print tree, is unembellished in the picture. I don't really have need of another heart right now, but I have 3 foundations left, so I'll go ahead and finish them. Anybody wanna swap hearts?

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Susan said...

I hope she has a *lot* of hearts waiting for you! I'm going to be starting your Dec. one soon - in a week or so. I'm working on Nov. now. I'll make sure it's super special!