Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anne's CYOT rr blocks; my additions

Here's the embellished block for Anne. I will often piece a block very quickly, as it sometimes just falls together so easily. Not so in this case. I kept finding my piecing too balanced; almost symmetrical, and I don't like symmetrical! So it took a few tries before I felt I'd lost enough of that quality to please myself. Even with embellishments, it's still a bit more "balanced" than I would generally go for, but I like it now. Not sure if it's done. I don't have to send it on until August 15th, so I can contemplate it for awhile.
I tried a new stitch on this, called the Vandyke stitch. It is on a nearly vertical seam, between the navy background floral print and the greyish-green brocade. If you look at it closely, it looks almost like a centipede....which is not what I was going for, but sometimes these things happen....

I am rather pleased with my very first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery; the dusty rose loopy flower and buds. I've had an SRE kit that I've been meaning to start for a year now. Guess I'd better find that and really give it a go. The book I have on beginning SRE seems way too simple, now that I've actually threaded a needle and given it a try. Our library has a video that was more helpful than the book has been. Maybe I'll borrow that again and actually do the stitches along with the teacher.

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Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Wow this block is soooo pretty :) You did a wonderful job on it.