Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Christmas

Here are just a few photos of Christmas doings this year (if you're just here for the CQ, skip this post):

Trystan, Jared, Rachel in the background, and Corbin on the floor. Behind Trystan is the Netflix video of a cracking fireplace, which we played throughout the evening. We have a real fire place, but with 20-some warm bodies in this little house, it would get too hot. So we had the ambiance without the heat.

My sister-in-law Sherry holding Barbara's grandson Jeremiah, and Barbara.

An ill-tempered teen elf finishing up some gifts.

Paul relaxing before the big holiday crunch. The light-up Santa on the hearth is very old; I've had it since I was about 6. Yes, we had electricity back then....

Some of the Popish family here for Christmas eve dinner. The handsome fella in the grey shirt is grandson Zack.

Ooooops! How did that get in there?? Oh, yeah, he's here to wish everyone an extra terrific year in 2012!

Outlander round robin

This block belongs to Maire in NY. All of her blocks are fan shapes in some really interesting colors. Each one that has been embellished so far has a focal motif in the open corner, and I think they're all beautiful.

The block on the left was embellished by Jacque in NE, on the right by Colleen in NE.

The birds are finally up!

The last block in the bird RR that I participated in early this year was to be finished by me, but when I was at the retreat in September, I asked my friend Gerry Krueger if she would do that one for me. She graciously agreed, and sent it back to me a month or more ago. I found a shadowbox frame at Salvation Army that had a square of handmade paper inside it that was exactly the right size for the little 6" block. I glued some batting onto the paper and was able to stretch the block over it (it had a hard backing on it) with 1/4" to fold to the back side and glue down. I think I spent $1.99 on the frame, and I was thrilled with how it came out.

So just before Christmas, I got out the bird wall hanging and rearranged items on the wall to fit it in. I also was able to hang my "Wolverine" painting that Michaela did for me for Christmas last year. Quite a grouping, don't you think?

Merry Christmas at the bookstores

As a little treat for my delightful coworkers and employers, I made each of them a CQed Christmas stocking, complete with their name on it.

I did one for myself, also, so the customers wouldn't think I was the bad child.

Here's how they looked hanging behind the counter at the store.

When I worked on Christmas eve, I brought in a little baggie of Hershey's kisses and a candy cane and tucked them in each stocking!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas and happy new year to all my family and friends!

This is a pine martin, peeking around an aspen tree to wish you the best holiday season ever!