Sunday, November 29, 2009


Cathy, over at "Cathy's Crazy By Design" blog is having a super giveaway. There are 6 different packages she's giving away, and you can sign up for one just by leaving a comment on the posting. A second entry is available if you put a link in your own blog for the giveaway, like I've done here.

You've got to do this by Saturday, December 5th, and she'll do the drawing right after that!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Not a lot, but some. While sitting at the craft show, which was sort of a bust (sold $52 worth of items, barely making back my $20 entry fee) I worked some on this black and white wall hanging.

I love doing the corner fans, like the pink one below. They are so much fun, just making it up as you go row by row.

See the black and white trim I bought in Delta? It was pretty by itself, but I really like it with the bright variegated green sprays and hot pink knots on it.

I haven't had a RR block to work on for a month, but just got one in the mail yesterday. The theme of it is Bridge to Terabithia, and I have neither read the book nor seen the movie, so I'll have to do that before I can even start on it.
There will be several RRs starting up after the new year that I've signed up for. One is flower fairies, and Lauri not only offered to give me some silkies she'd printed already, but she pieced the 6 little blocks for me (this is called a Do Your Block RR, where each stitcher chooses one block and completely embellishes it)! The other RR is one traditional block, and the theme is Bees, Butterflies, and Beetles. I'm not sure if I want to do that one as an all cotton, all white and cream prints block, or if it should be black and jewel toned fancies so it could go with my spider blocks. I think the all white/cream idea would be pretty and springy with all pastel embellishments on it, but I'd like to have a 3rd insect/bug block to go with the 2 spider blocks.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our trip to the big city

Lauri and I made an excursion to the big city of Delta yesterday to do some shopping. I'm being facetious here... for those who don't know, Delta is a small town about 1/2 hour's drive southeast of our small city. They have 2 Clubb stores right on the main "drag" through town; one is a fabric store and the other is a Ben Franklin, which has EVERYTHING. The fabric store is fairly large and well stocked, and they will cut you a fat quarter (18"X22") of fabric at the same price as a quarter yard (9"X44"), which I'm not sure any place here will do. They also had some trims I've never seen here before, including the hot pink flower trim here:

....which was over $8 a yard, so I didn't buy much, but it is so lovely! The black and white braid was on a clearance rack for 30 cents a yard, and I bought it aaalllllll, bwhahahaha!
I also got the two Santa kits (all the wooden pieces and instructions to make the Santa dolls) for $1 each, and the "no evil" monkey applique there. If you're ever in Delta, Colorado, I'd recommend stopping at this store. Heck, make a special trip, like we did!

In the picture above, the tiny gold angel wings were from the Ben Franklin store, as was this lovely lady:

Isn't she just delightful? I plan to make her a cloth body and crazy quilt gown and hat. She'll be the craziest witch at the Monster Mash Ball next year.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Craft show painting

The one and only craft show I'm doing this year is next Tuesday, the 17th, at the county court house. It's a small affair, and sales were down last year from the previous year, but the table fee is very reasonable. I've done less CQing for this year, and more painting, including this set of snowmen and a birdhouse windchime:

These are birdhouse plant "pokes" with the wrap-around forest design:

And some ornaments with little windows for photos:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Flower fairies and a purse

I have signed up for a RR with the flower fairies theme, and then realized that the fabric I have is too big of a print to use in the 6" square blocks.

This is a purse that belongs to Judy S. She and I agreed to trade purse pieces and embellish each others a bit before sending them back. I just finished hers and have sent it back. Aren't the colors great? She did some of the embellishing before she sent it to me, but I did the pansy button cluster, the orange rose seam under it, the black "fan", the yellow flower spray on the rectangular piece, and several seams. The purse I sent to her was a bit bigger, so I don't expect she's done yet.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Painting a door

My niece, Caitie, hostessed a girls' night out at her new-to-her home during hunting season, and allowed us to paint on the walls of one of the extra bedrooms. Rachel and I teamed up to make a door to another world. Here it is in progress:

The fairy who lives there, but apparently flits through the door into our world on occasion:

That's me (my good side) putting some foliage on the pine tree forest:

A close-up of the naked fairy (I think she's about 5" tall, sitting down):

And the finished painting. I think it could use some more detail in the green hills, but this is about 6 hours total work over two evenings.