Friday, November 13, 2009

Our trip to the big city

Lauri and I made an excursion to the big city of Delta yesterday to do some shopping. I'm being facetious here... for those who don't know, Delta is a small town about 1/2 hour's drive southeast of our small city. They have 2 Clubb stores right on the main "drag" through town; one is a fabric store and the other is a Ben Franklin, which has EVERYTHING. The fabric store is fairly large and well stocked, and they will cut you a fat quarter (18"X22") of fabric at the same price as a quarter yard (9"X44"), which I'm not sure any place here will do. They also had some trims I've never seen here before, including the hot pink flower trim here:

....which was over $8 a yard, so I didn't buy much, but it is so lovely! The black and white braid was on a clearance rack for 30 cents a yard, and I bought it aaalllllll, bwhahahaha!
I also got the two Santa kits (all the wooden pieces and instructions to make the Santa dolls) for $1 each, and the "no evil" monkey applique there. If you're ever in Delta, Colorado, I'd recommend stopping at this store. Heck, make a special trip, like we did!

In the picture above, the tiny gold angel wings were from the Ben Franklin store, as was this lovely lady:

Isn't she just delightful? I plan to make her a cloth body and crazy quilt gown and hat. She'll be the craziest witch at the Monster Mash Ball next year.


Judy S. said...

Love that witch! Sounds like you and Laurie had as much fun as Sharon and I did stimulating the economy, eh?

lavonneskid said...

Hi Janet,
I check your blog every once in a while, just to see what you're up to and any family pics (or Colorado pics) you might be posting. Fun to read about Delta and Clubb's. I used to buy my aprons at Clubb's Ben Franklin store. Also bags of popcorn! Fun memories. Thanks for the mention of Delta. I miss it and the beautiful clouds, and of course Grand Mesa.
Gordon would say hi if he was here, but he's at chorale practice.
Take care ~ Bonnie