Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Current projects

I was commissioned to make 8 CQ Christmas stocking for a lady I work with. The first two that I pieced are for her husband and son.

Here is Barb's block from the Fool's Gold RR. Three of her blocks were summer themed, with summery silkies as a centerpiece, and 3 were Christmas. I chose this Christmas one, with birds in the silkie. In the lower right corner it says: Best Xmas Wishes. I got to use 4 of my gold trims on this one block, and do some stitching with the gold braid.

I used braid, beads, and sequins in addition to the trims. Not sure if this is done yet. I'm quite early in working on it, so I'll keep it a little while and see if more inspiration strikes.
Barb is working on my blocks while I have hers, and she said that one of my angel blocks "dived" into her gold stash container and came up embellished. I can't wait to see it. Two of the Santas have been done already, but this is the first of the angels.