Sunday, August 22, 2010

Witch's hat in progress

Remember the witch's hat I pieced recently?

I've had a chance to do some work on it lately, and the first thing I wanted to add
was a spider web and spider. So I "built" the vining rose branches (done in DMC Variations size 5 color #4050), and added some cast-on stitch roses (done in size 5 DMC Variations color #4200). Then I stitched the web (size 12 perle cotton) and added the golden spider. Her body is two beads, legs are DMC size 8 perle cotton.

Then I did this seam, which began as a large herringbone stitch in gold size 8 perle cotton. I added the stacked fly stitch leaves (DMC Variations #4030) and then the "grapes" (DMC Variations #4240) and the wheat ears (#4126). Does it sound like I like the Variations threads? Well, I do! I love the subtle and not so subtle color changes, and the fact that they change quickly within an 18" strand. I wish they were available in size 8 perle cotton, but I find the size 5 to work well for some things.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jewels on Black

I signed up to do another round robin on CQI, this one being a DYB, or "do your block". Each of the 6 stitchers pieces their own six 6" blocks, in this case done in all black, and then they make the rounds. Each person gets to choose one of the blocks in the package to embellish completely, then sends them all on their way to the next stitcher. By the time they get to the last stitcher, that person only has two unembellished blocks to choose from, but they get the pleasure of seeing all the other embellished blocks. The owner then gets their blocks back, and 5 of them are done, with one last one left for the owner to complete.

Anyway, this block is not part of that group, but when I signed up, I really wanted to stitch on something black and knew it would be a month at least until the RR go going, so I pieced this one for myself. It's shown here partially embellished:

And finished:

This was one of those blocks that didn't really grab me until near the end. When I added that black and white rick-rack trim (I don't usually like rick-rack, but this I love) and then the orange roses, I finally felt like it was going to be a good block. Don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I like it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fishing on Grand Mesa

We went fishing at Cottonwood #1 on Sunday. It's been rainy here in the valley, and we can see that Grand Mesa has been really getting a lot of rain. The undergrowth around the trees is lush and green. Here's Zack watching my pole for me. I lost two sets of leaders, weights, and hooks within the first 1/2 hour of fishing.

Here's the view down the parking lot that butts up to the lake.

Some of us were using bait and some were using lures. The lures seemed to work best.

When we first got to the lake (and driving up there) we were in some heavy rain, but after awhile it cleared up. We had some lovely cool weather for a couple of hours, then a fog bank rolled in.

Within a few minutes, the fog had obscured the opposite shoreline, and it looked like everyone was fishing into nothingness....

Rachel and Dozer. The dog thought the water was really interesting and probably would have jumped in if she'd let him.

Zack's sunny smile.

Dozer sitting on Rachel's feet.

We ended up with 5 rainbow trout. Corbin caught 2, Rachel caught 2, and Paul caught 1.

Can you see the bear? Not a real one, the rock formation looks like a bear climbing up the side of the mountain.

Sleepy fishers.