Sunday, August 22, 2010

Witch's hat in progress

Remember the witch's hat I pieced recently?

I've had a chance to do some work on it lately, and the first thing I wanted to add
was a spider web and spider. So I "built" the vining rose branches (done in DMC Variations size 5 color #4050), and added some cast-on stitch roses (done in size 5 DMC Variations color #4200). Then I stitched the web (size 12 perle cotton) and added the golden spider. Her body is two beads, legs are DMC size 8 perle cotton.

Then I did this seam, which began as a large herringbone stitch in gold size 8 perle cotton. I added the stacked fly stitch leaves (DMC Variations #4030) and then the "grapes" (DMC Variations #4240) and the wheat ears (#4126). Does it sound like I like the Variations threads? Well, I do! I love the subtle and not so subtle color changes, and the fact that they change quickly within an 18" strand. I wish they were available in size 8 perle cotton, but I find the size 5 to work well for some things.


Gerry said...

Janet, how cool!!!! I has so much fun making my Witch's hat.

I can't wait to see it finished. Maybe you will bring it to the retreat?????

Momma Bear said...

ooh! Janet, that looks like it will be the coolest hat! mine went together so easily last october yours is sure to be a quickie too!

Judy S. said...

Hi Janet! What wonderful seam treatments! You are an awesome stitcher.

Connie said...

Cute! Love the skull.