Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did August go?

My next round robin is getting going. I need to have these "jewels on black" blocks out today. They'll be headed first for an army base in Uraguay. Jewels on black refers to the all-black piecing, which will be embellished with jewel tones.

We celebrated Trystan's graduation from grad school, her being home, her moving to Seattle, and her birthday this month with a family cook-out on Sunday afternoon. The wind nearly blew us all away, but we enjoyed and are grateful for those who could come to celebrate with us. Here's a shot of Trystan's cake:

And as we came home one evening, there was this very large moth resting near the porch light. Michaela asked, "Mom, is that one of those...Egyptian-type moths?" (she's such a good straight-man for my humor). I replied, "I sphinx so."


Cathy K said...

Hehehe! A quick wit is the sign of a fertile mind! So, um.... WAS it an Egyptian moth?? Or should I go asp Cleopatra?? Hugs, Cathy

cq4fun said...

I love your black blocks, and the idea of doing jewel tones on them. It will be fun to see them as they are finished.