Friday, October 26, 2012

Me in my hat! And a give away....

Here it is, as requested!

Glinda: What the munchkins want to know, is are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Dorothy: I'm not a witch at all. Witches are old and ugly!

Well, that answers that question.....

And as I was thinking about that movie quote, another came to mind:
"Tomorrow is a 'Say Something' hat day."
The first person to tell me what movie that quote is from wins a CQ prize (but not my hat). I'll admit it's pretty obscure, as movie quotes go, so I'll give you a hint or two:
1) This movie came out in 1995.
2) It featured some famous action-movie stars, but was more of a chick flick.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 I've been working on this hat off and on for two years. Got it started the first year the CQI retreat was in Estes Park. As you can see, it's almost done. I still need to finish the outer edge of the brim and tidy up the inside of the brim where it's attached to the cone part.
 This has been such a fun project that I sort of hated to finish it. And I kept finding things and thinking of things to add to its "witchiness". But I really want to wear it this year, so it had to get finished.
 It's got some wording on it: "something wicked this way comes!" and "You say WICKED like it's a bad thing" and "Hocus Pocus". On the brim it says "Don't make me call the flying monkeys" and "Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble".
 This view is looking straight down from the tip of the cone.
And this is the bottom of the brim. I still need to add a spider to that web; probably a dangling bead spider, though I have some pins that would work as well. Getting it put together was as complicated as I thought it would be, especially getting it to fit on my large head. I used some heavy-duty interfacing to support all that embellishment, and it was difficult to needle through. I ended up having to attach the cone to the brims by hand, and it was very slow going. But it's done and I like it so much I may wear it for Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brown color study; Shannon's block

 These have been fun and challenging to work on. This one belongs to Shannon. I did the triple button seam,
 the arches and leaves seam,
 this paisley, and the seam above it and the lace to the left.

More cats!

 Here's one of my latest cats for sale at the bookstore. I made some much smaller "kittens" too, in other colors than black.
 This one was a commissioned piece, and is of the small variety.