Monday, January 28, 2008

Seein' green.....

On our CQ for Newbies group, a round robin started that is for color study. The first color to be worked is green, so the participants were to piece a block using all green, then send them around to be embellished all in shades of green. This seemed rather hard to me, so I didn't join, but then got to thinking it might be a good exercise. So I did my own version. It was so much fun that I volunteered to work on a block for another stitcher, and this is it. It belongs to Carole in Arizona; she's in the official round robin, so this is her second block. That green and white thing is a vintage doily that I cut up; too bad I didn't think to take a picture before I started cutting. It had 4 round linen pieces that were joined by variegated green crocheted thread. I was able to use the rounded edges and the centerpiece. Carole is a professional crocheter, so I thought she'd appreciate the vintage doily.

Here's the full block finished.

And a close up of the spider web and green flower beads.

And here's Zack getting into my fabric.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another SOH2 heart, a COH heart, and my dilemma....

This first heart is from Wilma in the Netherlands. It's a little late for June, but well worth the wait! She used some French landscape fabric and added an embroidered spider and a ladybug bead.

This is the heart I got in a swap with Candi in California on the Chains of Hearts list. My very first swap there, even though I've been a member since last fall. Just got too busy with craft shows and then Christmas. I've one other heart in transit from Carol in Canada.

Here's my dilemma: I've broken a very basic design rule with this block (it is for the season to season spring swap). The block is cut almost in half along the horizontal. I'm hoping I can "fix" this with the embellishments, or perhaps by adding some other fabric patches along the bottom (in the dirt!). Will post more photos as I go. I'm only supposed to embellish 1/2 and leave the other 1/2 for my partner to do, so maybe my partner will save the day.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another SOH2 heart and the front yard.....

Here is one more of my hearts. This one came from Donna and arrived just before Christmas. I immediately put it up on the mantel as a backdrop for an angel figure and then forgot about it when I posted yesterday. I think I'll put it back on the mantel as it is appropriate decor for Valentine's Day, too!

This is the view this afternoon out my front door. We have gotten about 6" of snow over the last week or so, and the weather has been cold enough since then to keep it from melting very much. It does melt a little during the day out on the street, then at night it freezes up like a skating rink. Luckily the main roads are dry by now, but Michaela is definitely not enjoying her trudge to the bus stop and back.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SOH2 hearts have arrived

This heart is from Lori.

These are from Peggy (top), Susan (left), and Donna (right).

These are all from Jaki.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Under the sea quiltlet

This is the tiny quilt I'm donating to Leslie in Windsor, Co for the wallhanging she's putting together. She's going to put it up in the children's cancer ward at the hospital. There are quite a few other ones that she's already collected, and they are wonderfully full of small details to distract and enchant sick little ones. You can see some of the other ones at . You may have to scroll back a ways, but you'll enjoy the trip.