Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another SOH2 heart and the front yard.....

Here is one more of my hearts. This one came from Donna and arrived just before Christmas. I immediately put it up on the mantel as a backdrop for an angel figure and then forgot about it when I posted yesterday. I think I'll put it back on the mantel as it is appropriate decor for Valentine's Day, too!

This is the view this afternoon out my front door. We have gotten about 6" of snow over the last week or so, and the weather has been cold enough since then to keep it from melting very much. It does melt a little during the day out on the street, then at night it freezes up like a skating rink. Luckily the main roads are dry by now, but Michaela is definitely not enjoying her trudge to the bus stop and back.


Susan said...

That is a great heart, and I can see why it almost wound up in the box of Christmas decorations. =) Brrrr! That's all I have to say about that!

Judy S. said...

Hi Janet,

I love hearts, and this one deserves to stick around a while longer!

Your skies are looking like ours although we don't have to shovel rain. BUT yesterday was beautiful, so we dropped everything and took off. You can see where we went if you visit my blog!

And you'll be happy (or shocked) to know I've finally started work on my fall block. Better late than never, eh?

Judy S. said...

Hi Janet,

You're going to love this: it's snowing here like crazy!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the name Hazel also....had a nice friend in the neighborhood with that name. She lives in Blaine, WA, now.