Saturday, April 9, 2016


I won 3rd place in an extended seam* contest on CQI this month. This was my entry, which has since been made into a notecard and is for sale at Grand Valley Books. Both the pink and green threads are variegated pearl cotton in size 8. I started with the herringbone stitch base, then added straight stitches for the stem of the rose, detached chain for the leaves, chain for the "handle" that swoops over the rose, and straight stitches for the cross. I added tiny feather stitch "trees" between the roses, and made each leg triple with added straight stitches. French knots made the blossoms on the trees. The roses are done with a large French knot center and 6 cast-on stitch petals circling it.

*Extended seams are elaborate seam treatments done with multiple stitches in thread (with the possible addition of ribbon, beads, etc.). By my count, I made 6 passes across this short seam.