Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grey/gray color study round robin

I waited a long time for this color study RR to come about, and it's been great fun. These are the last two blocks I've worked on. This one belongs to Hollie:
 And this one belongs to Tahlia:
And this one is mine! Thanks to Hollie, Tahlia, Jo and Rita for their great work! I had them leave the center patch blank for me to do, hoping that during the RR I'd get some kind of inspiration regarding what to do with it. I'm still waiting....and I'd welcome suggestions.

CQ hearts for friends

It's been a rough winter so far for my CQ friends. On the CQ for Newbies yahoo group, we send comfort hearts to our friends who have experienced a death in the family or a serious illness. Since the first of the year I've sent out 5 hearts. While they are a labor of love, I am aware while working on them that the recipient is in pain, and I'd like to never need to send another one.

An extra special crazy quilted cat

A very nice lady who ordered a specially-made cat for a gift for a friend last fall asked for one to be made for herself this winter. She sent me hand-made lace and vintage buttons to include on a tuxedo cat. The pink lace and the blue that is on the white part of the cat's chest are hand crocheted, and the extra pink that I didn't use along the seam was gathered into the rose at the cat's neck. I added a bit of vintage lace of my own, along with some buttons and leaves to make the cat's collar. The buttons she sent are worked into the pink lace seam.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crazy quilt show and sale

 We had a show and sale at Grand Valley Books on Nov. 23rd. Lauri's quilt, titled "Janet's Fault" is on the right. It won many ribbons at the Mesa County Fair last summer! The quilt on the left is by Ethel M. She has a natural knack for CQing, by machine, as this quilt is done, or by hand.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gearing up for a CQ show and sale!

 My small CQ group here is having a show and sale at the bookstore where I work! We'll be showing some items that we've made and can't part with, and making a few goodies to sell, including greeting cards, ornaments, and wall hangings.
These gold ones are some of the Christmas cards I've done. I was given this box of photo-insert Hallmark Christmas cards by Leslie E. Thank you, Leslie! They are "vintage", I would say, as they had a price on the box of $5.25 for 25 cards and envelopes. The worked just perfectly with little 2" square blocks inserted instead of a photo

 The next ones are either counted cross stitch kit cards or some that I ordered from the internet (wish I could remember where!).

 And some more of the Christmas card ones. The gold foil is really lovely in person! It makes any little bit of gold I used in the block just sparkle.

This show will be happening on November 23rd, here in Grand Junction! Join us if you can!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy cats, a grey block, and a visitor....

 These are the two latest cats. The one on the left is the one that was specially ordered following the article that was in Nordic Needle. The one on the right is all pink and green. The flower is crocheted, the leaves are hand-dyed. Both cats have a bit of vintage lace around their necks.

 This is a heart for a special friend who recently lost her husband. The chicken's tail is done in very long bullion stitches; the longest I've ever done.
 Here is my block for the upcoming grey color study on CQ for Newbies. I've been looking forward to this RR for a long time. Someone mentioned doing a fan RR, and I thought it would be fun to do this block in fans. It's a 14" block, so a little large for a RR, but I've asked for the center panel to be left blank for me to finish when it gets home. I don't really have a plan for what I'll do there. Hopefully something wonderful will occur to me in the time it's making the rounds.
 Here's a little visitor to our back yard. I imagine he's been eating crickets, as we have a bumper crop of them.

Ouray Museum quilt show

 On September 1st, we drove to Ouray, Colorado to see their little museum and antique quilt show. I especially loved this double wedding ring, as I'm attempting to make one myself.
 There are 3 crazy quilts that are part of the museum's permanent collection. This one is my favorite.
 This one has really huge patches, including a flag block.
And this one is done in a log cabin format, with little embroidered images in the center of each block.