Sunday, July 8, 2007

Grand Mesa afternoon

Yesterday we went up on Grand Mesa for a picnic and hiking. It was so cool and breezy, and very green up there, and the flowers were in bloom. Grand Junction has been over 100 degrees for a week or more now, though we're having a cooling trend today; it's only 95 in the shade of my backyard. Forecast is for more 100 degree days ahead.

The light blue flowers in the second photo are columbines--Colorado's state flower.
We hiked the trail that goes all the way around Mesa Lake. Trystan is home from college, and brought her friend, Cara. It's always refreshing to see the natural wonders of your world with someone who's never seen them before. It just makes you appreciate them more.

This last picture is taken from the trail, looking over the lake we used to call Beaver Lake, towards the Mesa Lakes Lodge. It was a beautiful day, and the water, though mossy, was clear enough to see the fish swimming around.
When we first got there, we saw a deer walking in the lake drinking. As we hiked around the lake, she had gotten out of the water and was lying down near the shore, about 15-20 feet down from the trail we were on. She must have been pretty used to people, because she kept an eye on us, but didn't get up and move away.

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Susan said...

What a beautiful area! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Paul has spent some time in Grand Junction, but I never have. Looks like it is well worth spending time, though.