Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anne's CYOT rr blocks

These are the blocks for Anne's Japanese theme blocks. Her focus fabric is the fan pattern in the muted purple, green and blue on a gold background. The first pic is of Lauri's beautifully embellished block. She even printed out a photo of a geisha girl, near the center of the block. The second photo is of Anne's sample block, which isn't fully embellished yet. Anne ran out of time and says she will finish her block when they all return home to her.
The last photo is of my naked block. I have some lace to put on it, and of course will add some beads and bling and embroidery.
This has been the most fun round robin. The other ladies' choice of focus fabric and trying to follow their example has really been a good stretch for my creativity. Coming up next is a "pineapples and palm trees" theme, and then....Elvis lives!

1 comment:

Susan said...

I like your block! It looks like an enjoyable one to embellish. I have never done this kind of robin, sounds like fun. I know whose block has pineapples - Ingrid!