Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good buys at Goodwill

I went shopping at our brand new Goodwill store last week, and felt like I'd hit the jackpot. I got two suits to cut up for cqing. The first is a green 3 piece set in an oriental woven print, almost like brocade. It's greener than it appears in the photos.

The second is a 2 piece suit in the most lucious raspberry color, with Venice lace draping the front and sleeves. It has some pretty buttons on it, too. I've already started cutting them both up and have used the raspberry in the next set of hearts I'm making; for Susan! Susan listed her color preference as "raspberry, lime green and purple" and I have followed those guidelines. I've just finished piecing those two, and will post pics of those before I send them off.
Oh, I forgot to say, these suits were priced at $8.99, but were half price that day, so I got them both for that. I also got a burgundy silk blouse for $2.00. There were other silk blouses there, but they were in colors I thought I already had.
I really should purge my silk supply a little bit. I have whole shirts in quite a few colors now, and don't really need that much quantity. Anybody want to swap some beads, small crocheted or tatted motifs, or beads for some pieces of silk? Leave a comment with your email and we'll see what we can come up with.


Susan said...

What great finds. I love all the pieces. I was imaginging white Venise lace, for some reason, but you will have such fun finding places for this raspberry lace! I'll be anxious to see your wonderful heart - sounds yummy!

What color of beads did you have in mind? We might could work out something here. What do you consider a small motif? I have some antique ones I got from Pam Kellogg.

Gerry said...

Goodness, these are gorgeous! What a bargain. We only have things like this is trendy little consignment shops. Lucky you!!!!

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Wow what a deal , my Goodwill on Sunday's has a .50 sale , sometimes I can find some neat stuff for my C.Q. I would love to trade for some of your silk. I have a bunch of crochet mofits that I just taught myself how to make .
Amy M.