Wednesday, August 1, 2007

County fair results!

This is my daughter, Michaela, with her award- winning drawing, which was inspired by K.T. Tunstall's song, "Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." Michaela is a horse lover and collector. She has about 36 My Little Ponies and uncountable numbers of other horse toys.

The drawing will now be on display in its usual location; her bathroom wall.


JK said...

Hey hon, I know I posted about this on CQ4N, but another big congratulations to your daughter. I see an aspiring artist there. Does she CQ also?

Ummm, the pups name is "I Don't Know". HA! I don't think they have named her yet, but it would be nice to call her somthing other then IDK (pronunced I-dee-kay). HA! God, I laugh at my own jokes...

Thanks for visiting my blog Puddleducks!

Susan said...

What a great picture. That horse has personality! You can see it in the head and the body feels like it's getting ready to move on - with attitude! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Love your artwork, Michaela! You have such a distinctive style. Expect something"horsey" from me soon.

Judith Anne in Canada