Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sassa Lynne threads.

These are some special hand dyed threads that I purchased from another Cqer named Susan Nixon. They have the most beautiful color variations within each strand! I think if thread could be eaten, these would be delicious. I'm determined to use some on my 3rd fall block, which I've decided is going to be an experimental block. I will just try new things on it, since I have no definite plans for its eventual use.


Susan said...

I'm so glad you liked your colors! Truthfully, there weren't any bad ones. =) I want one of everything Myfanwy dyes! LOL! I loved your analogy to eating.

piney cq said...

Ok.... i'm jealous now. I did NOT know Susan had threads! Humphhhh!!! Nowwwww, i'm VERY hungry!!! ROFLOL!!! Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing them with us, Janet!!!

Candi said...

Aren't the threads awesome!! So GREAT to work with too.