Monday, August 13, 2007

Season to season fall blocks.

Well, the first block I made for this swap was so much fun to work on that I ended up embellishing it all myself. It is meant to be seen on point, but I could photograph it a little closer with it squared, so if you tilt your head a little to the left...... It has 5 bats, 2 of which are printed on the fabric, and the other 3 are embroidered in satin stitch. The little grey blob in the tree on the right is an owl charm, which I neglected to position correctly for the photo (oops). The upper patch has the spider on her web, and in the lower left patch is a crescent moon and a ghost, also satin stitched. I felt I needed the ghost there, because the seam embroidery on the black patch looks like a line of terrified stick people running with their hands over their heads. There's a very private cemetery in the black print on the right, under the owl's tree. Someone has left a red rose on the there's a story there. And then there's a wild pumpkin patch on the red patch in the front (when you have it on point).

The second block I did, which is somewhat similar to the first, has the very last bit of my batty print fabric. It also has a moon, lightning, and a sinister tree. I did this tree with a few leaves left; they're done in black beads that have an iridescent coating that make them shiny blue, maroon, green and gold. The pumpkin patch is right under the tree in this block. And this is where I absolutely must stop, so I can send it on to the swap hostess, Gerry, with some work left to be done by whomever my partner will be.

This is the third block I've done for fall. I've started embroidering it, but have no plans for the final outcome. Maybe I'll practice a little more SRE on it. The shiny leaves are on some fabric I bought at Walmart. The fabric itself is like organza, very sheer, and the leaves are heavily embossed onto it, so I put some purple fabric behind it to set them off. It doesn't scream purple, it's just a hint. I really love to be able to use orange (HONKING ORANGE, to some) in the same block with royal purple. The fabric in the upper right corner is royal purple, though it looks sort of blue in the photo.


Jane said...

Janet, I LOVE these blocks... you have created the essence of Halloween in fabric & stitch. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Gerry said...

These are soooo cool. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I'm glad you're having fun with this.