Friday, October 10, 2008

Socks of a different color

While I was on the CQ retreat, one of the stores we visited was Berry Patch in Niwot, Colorado (I think I mentioned it in a previous retreat post, but I didn't take any pictures there). One of the things I bought there was a package of socks for my daughter Trystan's birthday. She had to wear a uniform during her last year of Catholic school, and since then she's favored "wild-ass" undies and socks.

I think I found the wildest socks ever. The company that makes them is Little Miss Matched, which you can find here. You buy them in a package of 3, not a pair, and none of the 3 match. They might be color-coordinated, like the examples I've pictured, but they don't match. These are the ones I ordered for myself.. If you look closely, you'll see that the leaf prints on one sock are oak leaf shaped, while the other is a maple leaf.

And these are the ones Michaela chose:

I'm not affiliated with littlemissmatched, I just love a fun idea when I see it! But I will tell you that if you visit their website and sign up for email from them (they don't send email often, so don't worry), they will give you one free pair, I mean package, of socks with your first order.


lewister said...

I love littlemissmatched!! I bought socks and tights for my nieces last year for Christmas and I was aunt of the year. Just wish I could wear socks to work so I could have more myself! (Guys are so lucky!) Have you been to their online store? They have wild undies for your daughter as well as PJs, shoelaces, flip flops, you name it. I love to see the new designs.

LittleMissMatched said...

Ohhh, I love this post...

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