Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The page 56 challenge

I was reading Jane's blog and she had this challenge. Here's how it works:
1.Grab the nearest book; not the book you like best or the most interesting or the most impressive, just the one nearest to where you are now.
2.Find page 56.
3.Find the 5th sentence on the page.
4.Copy sentence #5 and the next few sentences that follow into your blog.

Here's how that went for me:

There was something strange happening to her, something completely unexpected, something tremendously exciting. She had thought herself immune to these feelings, and now she found she was wrong.

I haven't started reading this book yet. My daughter brought it home to me because it has a quotation on the front by another author I enjoy, Diana Gabaldon. The bit I took out from page 56 sounds like this might be a romance novel. It doesn't look like a 'bodice ripper' by the cover, but then, you know what they say...


Jo in NZ said...

it's a great book Janet. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Lisa said...

I followed you hear from your interview at Ilovecraftsandcraftsblogs. Your work is beautiful and your blog is such fun. The story about the sauce and napkin started my day with a laugh. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Actually, I followed you here, not hear. lol

Judy S. said...

Hi Janet! If you like that series, let me know and I'll send you some of the rest! Love the work you did on the yellow block.

Connie said...

These people, drawn from many different places and with many different backgrounds, gave the whole life of County an informality that was new to Ellen, an informality to which she never quite accustomed herself. (Pg 56, 5th sentence, Gone with the Wind!)