Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?

We went out to eat Chinese food at a buffet last night, and instead of a dessert item, I chose to eat a barbecued spare rib. The sauce on it was so sticky that I immediately had it stuck to the back of my front teeth, which was uncomfortable, but at least no one else knew it was there. After another bite, I had it stuck to the front of both of my front teeth, too. Nice red sauce (very un-sauce-like sauce!) adhering tenaciously to my top front teeth, so I couldn't speak or smile without revealing it. Much lip and tongue maneuvering didn't dislodge it; this stuff was STICKY!!!
I thought about scratching it off with my fingernails, but my 13 year old daughter was sitting right beside me and I do like to set a good example of etiquette for her. My husband and 23 year old daughter were across from me, and behind them, a wall, so I felt I could surreptitiously and in a very lady-like manner, wipe the sauce away with my paper napkin. Bad idea. The napkin stuck firmly to the sauce, and being paper, tore off and stayed there, leaving me with paper "fangs" and a very strange look on my face (according to 23 year old daughter, who laughed in a very unladylike fashion).
Then husband begins laughing and soon I'm afraid they are both going to fall on the floor. So much for etiquette....fingernails to the rescue! But how to get them to stop laughing??? I guess I should just be glad they didn't have the camera or video recorder they were wishing for.
Please someone, tell me this has happened to you....


pinsneedles said...

Sorry, that hasn't happened to me.
But you have brightened my afternoon with a good giggle.
I'm laughing with you, honest!

Oh ok, I'm laughing with your husband and daughter, LOL.

Thanks for the day-brightening story!!

Judith Anne said...


That must have been some sauce! I think we all have some funny food stories to laugh about(now that they are over!)

Cathy K said...

Sorry, Janet, it's never happened to me. But what a good laugh you gave me! I'm not as ladylike as you; I wouldn't have thought twice about using my fingernails in the first place, LOL. Paper fangs?!? ROFLOL! Be prepared to hear about that story for the rest of your life, sweetie! Hugs, Cathy

Cara Narkun said...


This hasn't happened to me, but I'm sure much worse things have...and I'm sure Trystan has been there to laugh at me, too.