Monday, June 11, 2007

Ugly butterfly finds a home...

I attended the unveiling of the ugly duckling fabric challenge on Saturday evening. There were 26 of us participating, and we had a potluck dinner in the classroom at the quilt shop that sponsored the event.
The items made ranged from wall hangings to table runners to a backpack bag to a convertible jacket/purse/pillow thing that was really imaginative. Mine was the only butterfly and the only crazy quilted item, though there were two wall hangings that were sort of free-form, but not crazy pieced. After we ate, we were asked to stand up one at a time, introduce ourselves and tell a little about what had inspired us to make the item we made. Then the recipient got up and said whatever they wanted to say (lots of oohing and ahhing and thank you's). I thoroughly enjoyed everyone else's "speeches", because it was sort of like when one of my on-line cqing friends tells about something they've made and what inspired them, except they were standing right there. That was so much fun.
My turn came, and my heart was beating so loud I was sure everyone could hear it better than my voice. I hadn't practiced what to say, in fact didn't know we'd have to say anything, but I got up there and said, "My name is Janet Popish and I don't do (air quotes with my fingers) 'sane' quilting. I'm a crazy quilter." In that second, I felt like an alcoholic attending her first AA meeting; introduction and confession in one breath. It got chuckles from the others, so then I was okay and explained what had inspired me. We were supposed to have the others guess what the "ugly" fabric was that we started with, but I pointed to it, so that cat was out of the bag.
Anyway, the recipient liked it, and it was well received on the whole. The store owner called it the "delightful" butterfly, which is a nicer name than ugly butterfly or even Mothra (Lauri's nickname for it). One lady asked me if I gave cq lessons, and I said, "Sure!" So that may be the start of something. The items will all be hanging in the store for 5 weeks to promote next year's ugly duckling challenge, so maybe more will get interested.

The ugly fabric I brought in was made into a lovely old-fashioned looking wall hanging by the sweetest little old lady. She'd written a poem to go with it, so it was extra special. All in all, it was great fun and I will probably do it again next year.

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