Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crazy garden quilt; a work in progress

This quilt has been in the works for two years, I think. I tried to get it done for the county fair last summer, but I would have had to just finish it quickly, and I had definite ideas about borders and embellishments. So now I'm trying to get it done for this year's fair, which means I have exactly 3 weeks to finish it, or wait....again.

Each block has some wording on it, either a poem, a bit of song lyrics, or a quotation. Having this in the works for such a long time has meant that I've learned new things in the interim. So after I sewed the blocks together and embroidered those seams, I had to add a button cluster, lace that I dyed, and some beading. Then I added a couple of charms, and the setting embroidery for them. It's still in need of something in the remaining three intersections; I have some huge buttons in mind for two of them, but I haven't decided about it for sure yet.
In order of appearance, these blocks are middle row right, top row center, top row right, bottom row right, and top row left.


Susan said...

I love all the details. This looks so like the original kinds of crazy quilts! If that was your goal, you accomplished it!

Barb said...

this is awesome. What did you use on the one dragon fly and another animal looks like same kind of work or is it the fabric you found? It really looks cool

Jane said...

Wow Janet, this quilt is beautiful! The colors are spectacular and the sayings devine. I love it !!

Candi Harris said...

Wow that is absolutely awesome! It's going to be so incredibly gorgeous when you're done!