Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Egyptian blocks; now there are 6

Egyptian block #6 is almost done. I have one more seam to embellish, and some hieroglyphs to do. I bought some Egyptian print fabric on Ebay for another project and just had to use a bit of it in a block for this swap.

I posted a pic of this block before it had any embellishments on it, and now it is complete. The mask has a sparkly gem pendant on a gold chain, and the glyph reads "yesterday, today, tomorrow". The circle with the dot in the center indicates time, and there is a snake that is really a snake in "yesterday."


June said...

I love your seam embellishments. They really compliment the theme and colors.

Susan said...

These look fabulous. I'm really sorry I couldn't do the swap - time and fabrics. They are all looking so terrific!

Gerry said...

Where is everyone finding the Egyptian fabric? I love it but can't find it. Oh me, oh my~