Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Choose your theme round robin, Lauri's theme

This is Lauri's block for this round robin. Her focus fabric is the romance novel cover couple, which is a large print with about 10 different couples printed on it. Lauri explains that her block contains every romance cliche' she could think of, including daisies (for "he loves me, he loves me not"), a dragon to slay, a castle wall to scale, a knight on a white horse, a sunset to ride off into, a rainbow, a crown, and a swan because they mate for life.

It also includes a 3 dimensional bodice (romance novels are sometimes called "bodice rippers") complete with a jewelled pearl drop necklace to nestle in the bosoms.

My block for this theme is a work in progress, but so far includes lace that Lauri and I dyed one day at her house, beads, a quote from Mr. Right, a button trail arch, and a spider from the spider print fabric that Lauri gave me, just so she'll know I made this block.
I need to be done with this block and have it in the mail to the next person on the list by July 1st. If everyone follows Lauri's example of embellishment, the package should weigh several pounds by the time she gets it back.

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Susan said...

I had a great laugh reading the words you put in that block! Thanks for that. =) It's a beautiful block.