Monday, June 25, 2007

Beaded and blinged; Lauri's romance block

Okay, I tried to do this yesterday and had it all ready to post, when BAM! I rolled the cursor over something I shouldn't have and it all disappeared. Needless to say, I was quite ticked off.

I think I am done with Lauri's block for the CYOT round robin. I have beaded and blinged it more that I have ever beaded or blinged a block before. It now weighs about what Lauri's sample block does, so I'm thinking I must be done. It has lace that we dyed at Lauri's house one day this spring, beads in several colors, a button trail arch (which I'd never done before), and of course, embroidery.

The button arch was a learning experience. Before I had done much of the embroidery, I laid the block flat on the table and positioned the buttons in what I hoped was a pleasing arrangement. Then I did a quick sketch of what button goes where. As I sewed them down, they sort of rearranged themselves just a little, but I liked the way they came out. Sometimes you just have to listen to your embellishments; they usually know best. Except they didn't tell me I should have done the buttons last, as the embroidery thread kept catching on the buttons, and they made the block heavy in that spot and hard to handle.

You might note that our fair lady's purse is lime green, while her dress is purple. One can only assume that the purse matches her shoes and perhaps her belt, neither of which can be seen.
Also note the tiny bee in the turquoise patch. She is about 1/4" long.

The last thing I did on this block is a signature stitch. One of the Colorado Crazy Quilters, Leslie, and I have been thinking about and working on a small motif that we can use on any quilt project to "sign" it without using our names or initials. It needs to be small enough to stitch quickly, and generic enough to fit in with any quilt theme. The small heart in the blue patch is what I am thinking about using. For many years now I've used a very simplified version of that design in counted cross stitch projects, and thought, "A hundred years from now, when one of my projects ends up on Antiques Roadshow, they'll be able to identify it as my work!" Delusions of grandeur....


Lauri said...

Hi Janet

The block looks great!. You outdid yourself in the bling department. Though I am a little concerned if we start judging CQ on the weight of the block. LOL
I also like that I am the first one to have the Janet Popish signature. I can't wait to get this one back.
Thank you

Gerry said...

You've done a fantastic job with this block. I love that he will hold her purse (and credit card, too??). Does that mean she only gets to shop and not to buy??? LOL.

The button trail is lovely. The weight is part of the bargain :-)

Thelma said...

Wow!! All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

I asked my DH if he would take me to the fabric store and hold my purse while I shopped just to see what he would say!!! lol His eyebrows went into his hairline and he said are you nuts!!! I may not be married to this dream guy but my neices DH is!!! The big joke in the family is he married her so he could go fabric shopping with me!!! And we do!!! VBH Debby

Sue in western WA said...

I've been catching up on your posts. Didn't realize I was so far behind the times!

I've been trying for years - off and on - to come up with some little logo or symbol or something to use as a signature in place of my whole name. You've succeeded where I have not!

Jo in NZ said...

This is a stunning block.