Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sharing Our Hearts and an Ebay purchase

Yesterday was a good day for mail. I got my second heart, from Susan Nixon (currently) in South Dakota and a vintage lace collar that I bought from Lesa on the CQ4N group.

Susan's heart is done mostly in a gorgeous irridescent orange fabric that didn't photograph terribly well. It includes some SRE flowers in deep red and a very intriguing mandala shaped design. The little butterfly charm looks like stained glass; I've never seen one like it before. There's a very tiny dragonfly bead in the center green patch. Susan also sent some beads and a bit of ribbon for my stash. I'd almost purchased some of the butterfly beads on-line this week, then decided I'd better not. Susan, your timing is excellent!

The vintage lace collar will be beautiful in crazy quilts, that is if I don't attach it to a t-shirt and wear it. The only worn spot is in one upper corner, and it's wonderfully soft and supple.


Susan said...

Glad you liked the heart. It was so much fun to work. That is silk Dupioni fabric. I loved working that feather stitching around the middle.

The lace collar is gorgeous. I'd be tempted to put it on a t-shirt and wear it a while before I used it in CQ. =)

Rodrigo said...

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