Friday, May 25, 2007

These are the two hearts I'll be sending to Leona in Virginia for the Sharing Our Hearts swap through CQ for Newbies. The first is fancy fabrics in antique-ish colors, and the seam embroidery that is between the gold fabric and the white fabric is a stitch I found on the last restoration I did. That stitch must have been a favorite of the quilt's creator; she used it a lot.

The second heart is cotton fabrics, including 3 pieces of my very favorite blending fabric, the tie-dyed looking one with the gold "lightning" overlay. I originally bought a yard and a half of that fabric, but wish I had bought about 5. It has all colors of the rainbow in it in a soft water-color like pattern, so when I need pink, I can look for the pink areas, or blue, green, lavender, orange, gold, etc.

June will be my month to receive hearts, and then again in December. They will be coming from Florida, Montana, Connecticut, Virginia, South Dakota, New Jersey, and one from the Netherlands. I've requested spiders for December; won't that be festive?


Momma Bear said...

ok Janet my dear, I tagg you for the MEME! please tell all of us 7 things about your humble self.

JK said...

The hearts look wonderful! I know the recipient will the thrilled!