Thursday, May 24, 2007

I recently finished the ethnic round robin, which had been going on with a group of ladies from the Quiltropolis cq list for a little over a year now. We did two rounds, actually, each of us choosing a country to be represented by our block. In the first round, I chose Kenya, and that block has all silk fabrics and a beautiful elephant printed on silk from a tie that I got a Salvation Army. The second round, I chose Egypt, and used some Egyptian print fabrics that my friend Lauri gave me. This block is all cotton, and when I got it back, it had beadwork, embroidery, sequins, an asp charm, a pharoah's head charm, and a cartuche charm that is actually from Cairo, added by our Italian friend Simona.

Rachel and the boys (I love saying "the boys") spent most of yesterday here, so I got in some good grandma-ing. Zackery had been to see the doctor, who confirmed that he is growing and healthy. The doctor asked Rachel if she had any questions, and Corbin said, "I have a question." The doctor said, "Okay, what's your question?" Corbin patted Zackery gently and said, "Our baby is furry and soft." The doctor said, "Good question. I guess that's really more of a comment, but...good question."

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