Monday, May 7, 2007

Getting started

Hi all,

I've had to abandon my yahoo 360 blog, as it wouldn't allow me to up load photos anymore. So I'm giving blogger a try. This may be the test of whether the problem really was with yahoo, as I suspect, or if it's with my computer, or the nut loose on the keyboard.

What photo should I add first......something crazy......hmmm. Oh, I know. I'll post the last cq item of which I have taken a photo. Just to see if it works for me.
This is a patch from an antique quilt that I worked on a few years ago. There's a saying inked onto the silk, that I've never been able to decipher with any certainty. I'd hoped to be able to restore the patch with the saying done in embroidery, but since I didn't know what it was for sure, I had to just restore it with same color silk fabric. Whatever it was that the quilt's creator wanted to say is lost now, except for this photo. Here's what I think it said (this is just a guess):
I don't
care what
the daisies
I know I'll be married
some fine day.
The Victorians had a real obsession with flowers, giving them symbolic meanings. Daisies represented innocence, according to the books I've seen. But I've also seen "daisies never tell" and of course there's the "he loves me; he loves me not" petal pulling business. So who knows, the creator may have been stating her disdain for the whole flower symbolism idea, or maybe she was just an optimist.

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