Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Old lace, no arsenic

This is some of the antique lace I bought at a yard sale recently. The lady said she found it in her mother's trunk that contained things that belonged to her grandmother. The lady who sold it to me is retired, so I think this must be fairly old stuff. The top piece appears to be from a collar, as the shape implies, and there are two mirror image pieces and one larger piece that match. The next is hand tatting, and the last looks like crochet done in a very tiny thread.


Thelma said...

Very pretty laces.

linenlady said...

Pretty laces. The middle piece is crocheted. The bottom piece is woven cotton tape in the center to which is crocheted the lacy trim. the stuff that looks like cross-hatching was sold by the 5-10 yard length on cardboard then they would crochet the trim.