Monday, March 31, 2008

Tiny quilts, museum bound......sort of...

Kristine H. recently put out a request for small quiltlets to be hung in a mini-model gallery that she is building for a class. I couldn't decide on a color scheme, so I did two and sent her both. After the model is no longer needed, she plans to make the quiltlets into a small wall hanging to donate to the Omaha convention in July.
She asked that they be signed on the front, but that seemed like it would take up too much room, so I added my "mark", the heart with the long stemmed rose on one side. I haven't been very good about using it, so maybe this will help get me in gear. This is definitely the smallest I've ever done it, about 1/2". Each block is about 3 1/2" square (finished size).
She said she would send pictures when she gets it assembled, so perhaps she'll let me add them to my blog.


Maddie Can Fly said...

So pretty! Can't believe no one has commented here. We did a swap at CQ4Newbies with 2 inch squares, we may have to do Round 2 of that swap.

mumherm said...

Here ya go!

The project was not only finished but I posted a picture of it too.