Friday, April 4, 2008

Color study, part 2....the wheel turns 'round

I had enough time yesterday to piece the other 4 wedge blocks for the wheel. I don't have a lot of orange fabrics, even with the one I bought especially for this project (and almost forgot to use, duh!). But I did find I had 3 different shades of orange in velvet; a gift from my friend Rebel (Thanks again, Reb!) by way of Taylor's Cutaways, I think it's called.
Now I'd like to pose a question: Since this will eventually be finished to hang, and will therefore always hang in one direction, should there be a "this side up" orientation to the motifs in the patches? In other words, should I make the yellow wedge be the top and the purple the bottom (I chose that way because there is the most light/dark contrast between those two, so it feels more balanced)? I would then make any motifs that need to be seen "upright", like trees, grow so they are right side up when viewed. It would be easy enough with the yellow and purple blocks; they would be large side up (yellow) and large side down (purple), but a little trickier for the more sideways ones. What do you all think?

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Gerry said...

WOW, this is so awesome. What a great idea. So much nicer that the 'average' color wheel!!!