Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Needle book? Hussif?

I actually was wrong yesterday when I posted that I hadn't finished anything lately. I forgot about this thing which started out to be a needle book, but is quite a bit larger than I think a needle book would be. I bought the wallet-like thing at a yard sale. It was hand-made and probably intended to be a coin purse/wallet. It's made of brown and cream print quilted calico, and has several pockets and a zippered compartment inside. I cut a muslin foundation by drawing around the unfolded wallet, and added a bit to the straight-cut end so it would cover part of the inside, too.

I pieced the foundation with some of my favorite fancies, with no color theme at all. And then I embellished it with just embroidery stitches since it will get handled a lot.

After it was embellished, I hand stitched it to the wallet, and voila, or voilett, I have a place to keep needles, scissors, etc., for traveling about.

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Susan said...

That worked out really well! I love the finished project, and what a great idea to combine your cq with the wallet thing.