Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Egypt revisited.

Okay, so I've never visited Egypt, so I shouldn't say REvisited, but this is only one of the Egyptian styled cq blocks I've done recently, so just go with me here.

This is the wall hanging I made from a block that I did in the Ethnic round robin earlier this year. I pieced it, then it was worked on by 5 other ladies in the US and Italy. When I got it home, it still had some embellishment work to be done on it, but the other ladies did some fine work. Simona in Italy added a little metal cartouche that she'd bought on a trip to Cairo, so it even has a true bit of Egypt
on it. I still need to add a way to hang it, and I think I'll make a pocket on the back to hold the little booklet that traveled around with it and has the comments from all the ladies who stitched on it. The buttons in the corners are some that I found in a container of buttons that I bought at a yard sale last summer. They are gold-tone and have Nefertiti's head on them. They may have been the first inspiration for doing this block....


Gerry said...

Beautiful! What a nice job everyone did.

piney cq said...

Wow! Great block!!! Will make an awesome wall hanging!