Sunday, September 2, 2007

Flora's CYOT blocks

Flora's theme for her blocks is pineapples and palm trees, with a Hawaiian print focus fabric. The first picture is her sample block.

This block was done by Lauri, and has some real shells and tiny starfish on it.

My block came out a bit darker than Flora's original, and I didn't manage to put any pineapples in it, but it does have palm trees both in fabric form and in buttons. Once I got started on it, it came together so quickly that it is done nearly a month before it's due.

My favorite part of my block is the beach and ocean scene. The fabric palm trees are growing out of a sand dune, and there's a pair of lime green flip-flops you can slip on to go looking for shells on the beach. Just under the waves is a very unusual tropical fish, blowing shiny silver bubbles.


Lauri said...

I love the little island scene you did! Soon I'll have you making blocks that are all one huge story block.Is that a good thing? LOL
Nice job

Momma Bear said...

I especially like your fishie =)
I'm glad it went together so easily for you.
really nice job!