Monday, September 17, 2007

Christmas is coming.....

On the CQ for Newbies group list, we are doing a swap with Victorian shaped boots in place of traditional Christmas stockings. Each boot is to be CQed at least on one side and will include 4 squishies. Squishies are bags of goodies, usually fabric, buttons, threads, charms, ribbons, lace, etc.; anything a CQer might use in embellishment. I pieced one side of my boot last night. I should know better than to try to piece something after dark; I just can't see color anymore after the sun goes down. I didn't like my first attempt very much, but recognizing that someone else might like it, I opted to simply cq the other side of the boot as well, and leave it up to the recipient which side she would use. I went ahead and pieced the other side last night, too, and wouldn't you know, the light of day has me liking the first side best anyway. Oh well, it'll still give the receiver a choice or a change from year to year. By the way, the side on the left is the first one I did.

This is a more traditional shaped stocking I've made for a great-niece who will celebrate her first Christmas this year. My sister Gayle, who is little Kiera's grandma, chose the colors, and asked for a lot of embellishment. I'm not an encruster, so this is stretching it for me. I've done another button "clutter" and the meandering braid is a first for me. I really like it. I hope Santa fills it well for Miss Kiera on her first Christmas morning.

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