Monday, December 7, 2009

The hunt for Christmas trees

Paul has a friend at work who owns some acreage on Glade Park that has generously allowed us to cut our own Christmas trees for several years. We went up Saturday afternoon, and it was cold! Not much snow on the ground, but what there was was difficult to walk on. You'd be walking along on the top of it and suddenly hit a less-crusty spot and sink in 6". Zack spent more time on the ground than he did upright, I think.

Paul and I, above. Below is Corbin, having fun making tracks in previously undisturbed snow.

Cindy, Corbin, and Gary (Cindy and Gary are the landowners), me, Zack, Michaela, Jared, and Rachel. Cindy and Gary built a fire and we gathered around the fire pit and they fixed us hot chocolate. It really hit the spot after bagging our trees.

Look at those rosy cheeks.

Taking a breather; cold, altitude, and that crusty snow tired me out!

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