Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas images, part 3

Zack in a box...he looks uncomfortable, but he put himself in there and was able to get himself out again.

Christmas eve with the Popish side of the family. Could I just take a moment and say that I have been blessed with the most gracious in-laws ever in the history of in-laws? We had quite a lean and mean Christmas this year as far as gift giving, with most of the gifts we gave being things (and I mean small things) that I made. But they were accepted as warmly as if they were expensive treasures. I have been told that there are people out there who don't believe they've been gifted properly unless the gift came from a store, perhaps a certain store only, and cost an "appropriate" amount of money. How lucky am I that I don't know any of those people?

Above (left to right), that's Iris, me, Jaymie, Kirk, and Sarah.

Lori (our excellent hostess for the evening), Desirae, and Rachel.

Kirk and Paul.

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