Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby clothes!

Is there anything cuter than baby clothes? Maybe babies..... but not always; sometimes they smell funny, LOL! I bought these little velour hoodies for a coming baby, and they're just perfect for adding a personal embroidered touch. The ivory colored one is smaller, so I did it with a pink/red variegated cast-on rose vine for Christmas/Valentine's day. The pale green one is a little larger, hopefully it will fit her for Easter and spring, so it got a birdhouse, blue bird, and lavender rose vine. All the embroidery was done using DMC perle in size 8, in some variegated colors and some plain. The bird house is satin stitch, with bullion roof, and French knot "holes". The blue bird is done in bullion (2 for the body), tiny, tiny buttonhole stitch (wings), French knot (head) and straight stitches (tail). The vine is feather stitch, with detached chain leaves and French knot flowers. These are so much fun, and I think they really make a simple little garment look fantastic.

As always, click on the picture for a closeup.


Judy S. said...

So cute, Janet! Do you have a source for these little hoodies? I did something less elaborate on a onesie for Sophia. Target has packages of, I think, five for $10 which I thought was fairly reasonable.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Cute, cute, cute! What a lucky little baby (and momma)

FredaB said...

The little hoodies are too sweet. She won't see any other baby in the same ones. Good idea.



marilynneq said...

I just signed up as a follower of your blog which I think is great. I love your stitchery and also the photos of your family. I am in the process of setting up my blog and may be contacting you for assistance as I have no idea what I am doing. I used to decorate hoodies to sell at craft shoes & I love making baby outfits and quilts. I used to buy them in bulk at Carter's outlets when they were on sale...I am experimenting with sewing them with some different fabrics..thanks so much for sharing your blog, and especially your crazy quilting process from the beginning.
Marilynne in SE TN