Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas images, part 4

These are from Christmas day with the Wooters side of the family.
One of the best family gifts this year was Cyndel Bell Hoisington, born just about 60 hours before this picture was taken. Here she's being held by her cousin Devin, with her mom Morgan and cousin Trystan looking on. The other best family gift was Hannah Naomi Wooters, born September 30th. Our family has been doubly blessed with beautiful baby girls this year!

Cyndel's dad Jarad and her Great Great Aunt Wanda.

Aunt Wanda, Rachel, and Trystan.

Gayle doing the traditional defrosting of the shrimp cocktail with a hairdryer...

...Becky, Paul, and cousin Ken laughing at Gayle defrosting shrimp with a hairdryer...

One happy Grandma Barbara with her #1 granddaughter, Hazel, the new big sister.

My mom and my daughters.

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Ruby said...

Great photos! Cherish the memories!

Have a Happy,Prosperous,Healthy New Year!