Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A long, sad story....with a happy ending!

This is the part of the September Stitch Shenanigans that we call the Chinese Auction. It works like this: each person brings a wrapped gift (in this case, a CQ related gift). Then each gets a number, and the person with #1 chooses a gift to open. Theresa was first and opened the gift I brought, a box with a CQed top.

She liked it, but would she end up with it?

Debbie went next and she could have stolen the box from Theresa or she could open a new present. She opened the CQed Santa that Leslie made.

I went third and opened a pretty, tall, sparkly blue package that contained one of Gerry K's wonderful pin cushions. I tried not to get too attached to it.

Of course it got stolen, so I got to open another gift, this time a CQ covered tin (made by Debbie) with goodies inside....

...and a box of flower fairy note cards. I tried not to get too attached to it.

Connie is looking to make a steal. I think she ended up with Gerry K's pin cushion, and since it had been stolen twice, it was now off limits.

Kerry stole Leslie's Santa from Debbie.

I lost the goodies from Debbie, so I opened another gift; a fancy box with handmade ribbon flowers from Theresa. I tried not to get too attached.

Ingrid stole the tin that Debbie made (and later gave me half the note cards, is she sweet or what?).

I lost the handmade ribbon flowers, and got to open yet ANOTHER gift. These are Czech glass buttons that came from the bead store we had shopped at earlier in the day. I had bought one of the dragonfly buttons for myself, but in a different color, so now I have two.

I am rather attached to them.....


MichelleMermaid said...

Those are lovely buttons. I'm glad you got to keep them.
Funny story!

Karen said...

I am sure glad that you got such a gorgeous gift!! I just love those auctions!

Rose Anne B said...

Ahhhh Janet thank you for the posting on the auction - yep sad and happy times with that game. Those buttons look lovely.

Shari said...

Janet, Thanks for posting so many great pics. I am even more sorry now that I couldn't make it afterall. You drew some wonderful gifts and lost them....yet you ended up with some very lovely buttons. I would bet there wasn't a bad gift in the lot. Lucky ladies. I will have to find a way to lay hands on that pin cushion if Connie did bring it home, LOL.
Looks like a great time was had by all.

JK said...

Glad you had a great time hon. Lauri told me you ladies are already gearing up for next years. Hope your next one is as much as a success as this one was.

SH Sue said...

How fun! We play this at several quilting gatherings.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I'm happy you like the buttons! Just for the record though, I didn't steal the Santa from Debbie - I stole it from Caroline who stole it from Debbie. Since I was the third owner that explains how I managed to keep it! lol It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for next year!