Thursday, September 3, 2009

Antique CQ blocks

These are two of the antique blocks I've bought on Ebay in the past. This first one was incomplete when I got it. Actually, I could tell by the foundation that it had been complete at one time, but someone had taken it apart, or taken a couple of the patches out of it. I fell in love with the chubby little girl and her tricky cat, so I bought it and finished it. It measures about 14" square.

This block is smaller, about 11" square, and is made up of smaller patches. My plan for both of these blocks is to somehow use them to print note cards, either to sell at a craft show or at a quilt shop (if I can find one willing).

If the idea works, I might eventually do some note cards featuring prints of some of my own CQ work.


Susan/CqLily said...

I don't know if you remember me asking questions before about antique CQ's but you have been kind enough to answer and teach. I love these blocks and you are right...the little 'chubby' girl is great!
I would love to have you 'teach' a class on antique, vintage CQ...the more history I can get, the better!
Thanks so much!!!

Maddie Can Fly said...

I like the first block the best also -- that cat reminds me of Madeline (g). Good luck on the notecard idea -- I think both of these blocks would work great.

Charlene said...

Great idea for the cq note cards. If you don't find a local shop, have you considered etsy? You did an outstanding job - can't tell what is the new work or the old. Looks like the little girl is 'leading the kitty choir' so sweet!!