Monday, September 14, 2009

Fantasy Landscape Round Robin

This RR is taking place on CQ for Newbies. The first block I got to work on belongs to Lesa, who is also the lady who commissioned the little alien painting. Her block is titled Midnight in the Fairies' Garden and is done in lovely shades of green, blue, and purples.
She had the trunk and larger branches of the tree done and I happened to have a whole skein of a (7mm) hand-dyed ribbon called Carribean Evening that just screamed to be added to this block. So it became the leaves of the tree, done in ribbon stitches.
I also found some cute kitty buttons on clearance that I knew from experience could be painted, so I painted one to look like Lesa's kitty, Maddie (except Maddie is a pixi bob--short tailed cat). Maddie has just been granted her whimsical wish: to have a long fluffy tail for the evening. The fairy is shaking her finger at Maddie and Maddie promptly forgets why she wanted a tail in the first place when that wagging finger is so tempting. The fairy's wings are done in the same technique that I used for the donation block butterflies, but in this case, one wing is sewn down to the block while one is left up to flutter.
I also did the SRE leaves and flowers around the feet of the fairy and kitty, and the night-blooming vine growing up the tree trunk. Lesa isn't fond of spiders, but they're sort of my trademark, and surely a fairy garden would have at least one, so just above the kitty's head is a tiny web and an eavesdropping spider.
Lastly, I did three short embroidered seams in that same corner of the block.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this! Your fairy is precious! Debbie (Maine)

Maddie Can Fly said...

OMG I am speechless! That is Madeline to a T -- and I'm sure she would love a nice long tail. I just love that you put her on there. Oh Janet, you have outdone yourself with everything, the tree, the fairy. WOW!!!

Karen said...

Such spectacular work on Lesa's block!! She will be so thrilled to get it and Maddie is great!!

FredaB said...

Beautiful work and great colors on the tree itself and the leaves go perfect with it. You have done some neat work on this block.



JK said...

This is beautiful! I thought the Fae was done on machine, but Les told me it was hand done. And you have caught the Madds to a "T". BTW, I love the rabbit you did on the ribbon.

Judy S. said...

Hi Janet, You sure "nailed" Maddie, and the fairy is terrific. Love your work as always. Have a good weekend.