Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spiders 2 RR, Kerry's block

I was the first to get to work on Kerry's block. It is done mostly in dupioni silks and has a central patch with a tulip print in beautiful spring colors. So hard to decide which space to occupy when the whole thing is screaming, "Stitch here, stitch here!" Finally I decided on the upper left corner and planted a lavender lace motif that is a part of some trim I bought in Denver last September at the CQ retreat. It was very expensive stuff, if I recall correctly, about $30 a yard, but really exquisite. I used some hand-dyed green trim to meander around a second patch. Then I added some SRE loop flowers in the darkest purple on the block, and some pink variegated roses and lavender detached chain buds.
I recently was given a gift of some vintage silk twist threads, so I used them to make some very dainty feather stitch vines and cast-on flowers. The web is done in metallic sewing thread, so you have to look closely to see it. The spider is my usual 2-bead variety, but done in dark purple (I know that Mother Nature color-coordinates her creatures to help them hide from predators or prey, but this may be stretching that just a bit!). Last, I added a bee up in the largest loop, and she's color-coordinated too; gold and dark purple!
As always, you can click on the picture for a close-up.
This block will be making a world tour over the next 5 months, as it goes next to Nevada (USA), then Nederland, then Italy, back to USA in Oregon, and finally home to Alberta, Canada.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you for the work you did on my block Janet - I love it! That trim is gorgeous and I thank you for bestowing my block with some of it! (I know how hard it is - I have a bead I paid $12. for that I am having a really hard time using on anything! So I feel honoured! I love the spider and the delicate web, the gorgeous feather stitch and flowers, etc. Actually I love it all - thank you!

Cathy K said...

Janet, what exquisite stitching. I love your color-coordinated critters. And that trim is to die for! You have an excellent eye for color! Hugs, Cathy

Judy S. said...

Hmmmm...maybe you discovered a new breed of spider? I just made a rose-colored one...perhaps they're related? As always, I love your stitching, Janet!

Ruby said...

Gorgeous, as is the norm with your work. I suppose I'll begin to like spiders after awhile. I like the garden variety in real life. Have no use for others. Daddy long legs is tolerable. Since my DH is a beekeeper I really must learn to do a bee (or a dozen). :) Ruby