Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Monday....

...and we are challenged to post about something blue. I thought this might be tough, so I stepped out the back door and took a picture of the not-quite-leafed-out cottonwood branches against the blue, blue sky.

Then I looked at the pics my DH took yesterday during his ATV club ride on the Colorado-Utah border and found this muddy guy (not my DH), but look at the color of that sky against the snowy hills!

And this is one of the many vistas they saw while on the 75 mile ride. These are the very snowy La Salle mountains.

I finished the last seams on my black block in a blue perle cotton fancy fan. And I kind of like how it looks right next to the yellow one.

Lastly, a bird in SRE. Is he a blue jay? I dunno, and he's not talkin'.


Ruby said...

Janet, you found some great blue. Isn't God's sky beyond words?!

Love the blue stitching. I've been working on some blue SRE roses but not ready for a post,yet.


Judy S. said...

Your bird and fans are wonderful, Janet!

tisme said...

Janet, I came over to check out your blog, got the link from learningfa. You have a great blog. I loved reading all about your crazy quilting, and about your family.
Now the one post that really caught my eye was back on February 6th. You asked about a hedgehog seeing his shadow!! OMG!! I am the right person to set you straight on this. lol
It is a groundhog!! In Punxsutawney, PA, groundhog day is celebrated every February 2nd, the groundhog club walks up the hill of Gobblers Knob, and wakes up the sleeping groundhog, just at daybreak. If he sees his shadow, that means six more weeks of winter weather, if not, spring is just around the corner. This has been going on for I think almost 150 years. I know all of this because I am from Punxsutawney.
There is even a movie slightly based on it called "Groundhog Day"
starring Bill Murray. If you get a chance see the movie, it is a really cute family movie.
And if you have any more questions or your son does, just ask.