Saturday, April 11, 2009

Silky ladies and swap items

I bought these silkies for a friend who doesn't have access to such items. They were printed by Jill P., who I met last year at the CQ retreat. She does a lovely job and her prices are very reasonable.

These are two needle books I got in Mary L's swap. The gold one was made by Mary herself, and the ivory one was made by Ruby R.

These are motifs I got through Crazy Judyth's swap. I sent in the silk ribbon embroidered motifs and in return got a huge variety of things, as you can see.

There sure are a lot of creative people out there!

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Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Janet for your comment on my blog in regards to Rhonda's gift - I totally agree with you too!

Also I LOVE your silkies and the motifs you received. I as yet am still awaiting my package here in Canada.