Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two more fish-tail stockings

These both have eyelash yarn as seaweed and two lampwork bead fish. One has some lace fan coral made out of lace, and the other has several mother of pearl buttons representing shells. I have one more blank foundation to do in this shape and was hoping to find my Laurel Burch mermaid fabric, but apparently I've either used it all or hidden it from myself. So I went to two fabric stores looking for mermaids and couldn't find any except some weird things that looked like a combination of octopus and mermaid.


Judy S. said...

Hi Janet,

I've been wondering what you've been up to lately...thought maybe you were engrossed in the Donati books! Like the stockings!

Jane said...

What a fab idea you've worked to a stocking here... I love these Janet!

Candi said...

Your stockings are absolutely wonderful!

Lori said...

Neat idea Janet! very, very cool! you are so creative! if you are selling those at the craft fair, I would think they would definetly sell! something unique and different!

cq4fun said...

Mermaid tail stockings! What a clever alternative! Love it.